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Current and Previous work: selection

Please see below for details and links to edited sections. We guarantee the highest level of sensitivity with your project throughout the production process. Do get in touch to talk about how Serious Media can work alongside you to benefit your work, cause or profile.

Current Showreel

A short film demonstrating the breath of approach we use to communicate a variety of narratives from a wide range of contexts.

Trev's film: The Bird That Couldn’t Fly

Project: Online Recovery College – young people create their own individual films around emotional wellbeing


Description: Trev reads her story about a little robin called Ollie and his struggles in early life. We took her illustration sketches, and created an animation bringing Ollie’s story to film.

Approach: Audio recording as Trev reads from from her writing book. Graphics animation.

Purpose: Trev’s incredible stories emerge from her own experience of developmental trauma, and the hope of love within a new family.

Target: All young people, parents, carers, staff, in fact everyone should hear Trev’s incredible story.  Young people who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing; young people in foster care, parents, carers, supporting staff in many roles.

Intentional Peer to Peer Support within Mental Health Care

Project: Beth Filson

Trauma informed Peer Support: Cycles of Crisis

Many of the behaviours considered to be symptoms of illness are now understood in the context of survival


Approach: Observational filming

Two cameras capturing Beth’s training


Purpose: Teaching integrating trauma understanding, and trauma-informed approaches in relationships and practices.


Target: All staff at every level throughout the client’s NHS trust and more broadly across NHS Trusts nationally; health services, GP practices. Peer survivors.

Understanding Trauma

Trauma informed approaches to routine enquiry within mental health support


Project: Routine Enquiry for Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Partnership Trust

Approach: Expert by experience led

Conversation between Sally Smith an expert by experience and Angela Kennedy, trauma informed lead.  (Observational filming)  

Purpose: Training and awareness raising: helping staff feel more confident about having conversations

Target: Clinical Staff in Adult Mental Health

Human Trafficking

Addressing the current gap in long-term support for survivors of human trafficking in the UK.  The voices of women who have survived human trafficking.


Project: The Snowdrop Project, Sheffield


Approach: Audio recordings with cutaway reflective images. Women sharing their experiences in a space they felt safe, some with support workers beside them.

Purpose: Training, raising profile of these serious issues, peer support. Highlighting the acute needs of survivors of human trafficking, especially after they leave a safe-house.


Target: Peer survivors.  Charities, public sector organisations, and judicial services, potential funders

Prevention, intervention and support after suicide


EAMH Emotional and Mental Health Wellbeing with young people


Project: If You Care Share Foundation  - Josh’s Story


Approach: Individual speaking directly to camera.

Josh’s personal story of losing his close cousin Dan.

Purpose: Training within education and football clubs including the Premiership and Speaking at events across the UK. Encouraging and supporting young people to talk openly about emotional and mental health

Target: Young people, especially men in teens and twenties.

Survivor led peer to peers support films


Project: Bolt Burdon Kemp – If together we whisper, all together we’ll be heard.

Approach: Survivors peer to peer support.  Individuals with lived experiences sharing very practical advice, guidance, encouragement and hope 

Purpose: Practical information, advice, guidance and encouragement from individuals with lived experiences.

Target: Survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse. Organisations and public sector bodies which whom the client works. E.g. NSPCC, NAPAC, Police, Social Services, Judicial system.

Dissociative issues and dissociative identity disorder 

Living and working therapeutically with DID


Project: First Person Plural - No Two Paths The Same 


Approach: Interview based films.  Led by experts-by-experience who live with D.I.D. supported by leading trauma mental health professionals from the NHS and private sector

Purpose: Improve knowledge, understanding, recognition; encourage & facilitate support

Target: Psychotherapists; counsellors; psychologists; psychiatrists; GPs; anyone providing psychological therapies or supporting patients/clients undergoing such treatment

Human Trafficking Here and Now in the UK:

Staff and volunteers present the truth around human trafficking in the UK.


Project: The Snowdrop Project, Sheffield

Approach: Staff filmed to camera against a white screen speaking individual sections of a script. Film version with an d without additional graphics statistics.


Purpose: Raising profile of the prevalence and reality of human trafficking, highlighting the acute needs of survivors of especially after they leave a safe-house.


Target: Charities, public sector organisations, and judicial services, potential funders.

Cyber Crime and SMEs 


Project: West Midlands and West Mercia Police ROCUs


Approach: Animation and chromakeyed interviews with cyber experts from different fields, and victims of cyber crime.  


Purpose: Educating around the reality of cyber crime and dangers of complacency for SME’s.  Equipping businesses with up to date information, advice and guidance around threats, response and prevention. 


Target: Small and medium enterprises regionally and nationally.

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